I’d usually run into this question, but not anymore. After struggling for a long time, I found a guiding principle that improved the result of my efforts. Here’s what I do.

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Credits: Lubo Minor on Unsplash

To quit or not to quit?
You might know the feeling. You’ve found a promising book, diligently started to follow up on the advice and practices, but after a while, you begin to wonder if you should continue with it. You doubt if continuation will pay off, as results are not as expected, but you also don’t want to spoil something that could have raised your quality of life by giving up too soon.

This is something I’d always run into, sooner or later. …


Richard van der Linde

Suggesting nuances that can make complex matters simpler. Bottom line of my writings: life is all about breaking the identification with the voice in our head.

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