Executive Protection — Doing Business in a Foreign Country

The recent professional hit on a wealthy Canadian property developer in the tourist resort of Phuket, Thailand has shown that no one should consider themselves “safe.” The victim, who was armed, was traveling in his vehicle when two men approached riding tandem on a motorcycle; one man riding on the back started shooting. The victim was shot eight times by men firing .38 caliber pistols and was shot in the head, neck, chest and one arm. Both men then fled on a motorcycle. Police believe the shooting was business related. Police further said the victim was in dispute with his Thai business partner and had claimed he had been cheated out of a large sum of money.

When protecting clients doing business in a foreign country you as an executive protector (EP) should look for possible threats and motives for attacks on your client. This means finding out about all you can on his or her potential enemies and any ongoing business or personal related disputes. You should also attempt to lower your client’s profile in the community. Learn about the place your client plans to visit on business. Familiarize yourself with the current and historical threats in the area. Your client needs to use common sense and be extra conscious of his or her appearance and actions so that her or she does not attract unwanted attention or appear very wealthy. Avoid the news media and don’t make any publicity statements related to the business in the foreign country. Leave that to the local business partner.

Make sure your client avoids discussing personal and background information concerning the business in the foreign country. Every effort should be made to avoid any civil business disputes with the local citizens. Avoid high crime areas. Never travel after dark unless you have a two car motorcade, armed EP and communication. Your EP team should not become complacent in low-risk areas. Always vary your client’s arrival times, departure times and routes. Keep safe and God Speed.