Well I fucking am and so should everyone…
Matt Duncan

Oh boy. Firstly, the Republican party today is nothing like the Republican party that opposed the KKK or abolished slavery. If you dragged Lincoln forward through time to witness today’s Republicans, he’d spit on the lot and head straight back to 1865 and climb back into his coffin.

Secondly, Trump is not even close to a worthwhile embodiment of the Republican party (even if the party is a shadow of its former self). Even most Republicans feel that way.

The man is an oaf. He has a volatile temper. He has an almost child-like reaction to criticism, one-upping with insults and crowd-pleaser one-liners. He knows jack shit about what it takes to actually run a country. He has used fear, hysteria and dumbed-down showmanship to enchant the unintelligent and enrage a disaffected voter base to win his nomination. I’d rather elect a rabid feral dog with pyromaniacal tendencies.

And if you think Obama has done a bad job (you’ll find a huge proportion of Americans think he did a good job), and that putting Trump in office will somehow “fix things”, you’re absolutely nuts. Obama’s entire tenure has been a display of composure, thoughtful response, poise, and gravitas. Trump’s administration would be a non-stop circus of overreaction, constant gaffes, and a Republican party falling over itself to put as much distance as possible between itself and Trump.

I know a few Republicans personally who have denounced, and departed, the Republican party as a result of Trumps’ nomination. His Presidency would be an absolute shit-show. I’m not saying Hillary Clinton is a shining angel, but she’d be a hell of a lot better than Trump.

Also, I’m not an American. I’m an Australian and can speak for much of the rest of the world when I say that a Trump presidency would be genuinely bad for humanity, on a global scale. America throws her weight around in world affairs more than any other country on Earth, and so a presidential election affects all of us.

As for the debt: if you think the economy is something that simply turns on a dime (pun intended) every time a new President takes office, you’re a fool. It’s a freight train barrelling along at mach 1, and irrespective of who is President, there’s at least a 10–15 year trend affecting the current level of debt at any given time. The greatest folly in voter opinion is the fucking debt (not just in the USA, Australia is just as bad), because people are dumb enough to think it’s a checking account with $100 in it that goes up and down on the daily whims of the sitting President/Prime Minister. Let’s not forget that the colossal spending can be largely attributed to a few wars in the Middle East that Obama’s predecessor (a Republican, for what it’s worth) started. Every President inherits a poison chalice from one (or more) past Presidents.

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