Why I’m voting for Trump and you should too
La Montaña Rusa

Oh, you spectacular troll. Well played. I saw the headline in my email and thought “ohhh HERE we go…. *click*”. I then expelled a sizeable quantity of air from my nose in genuine appreciation (let’s face it, every time someone says “LOL” on the Internet, this is what they actually mean).

Apparently even Republicans are starting to share your sentiment.

“On Tuesday, Rep Richard Hanna of New York became the first congressional Republican to announce he would vote for the Democratic presidential nominee over his own party’s.

In a widely-shared opinion piece, Mr Hanna said Mr Trump was “profoundly offensive and narcissistic… a world-class panderer, anything but a leader”. He went on to say he was “deeply flawed”, “self-involved” and “unrepentant”.

Citing the global controversy of Trump’s dispute with the Khan family, Mr Hanna concluded: “He is unfit to serve our party and cannot lead this country”, and confirmed he will vote for Mrs Clinton.”

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