See just how unequal we are

Thanks for getting together this supporting material. It is clear that something needs to be done although given the current situation, it is not clear that any approach would work. Roughly it seems that getting rid of the electoral college and simply counting up the popular vote would be the best.The other approach would be to campaign for the states to apportion votes as a function of the popular vote in that state.

The problem, of course, with moving directly to the popular vote would be the need to pass a constitutional amendment. The problem with getting states to apportion would be that without cooperation of all states it could create additional inequalities. For example, taking my perspective as a liberal in Illinois, if we apportioned, we would have lost several votes for Clinton while if Mississippi had not made the change all of their votes would have still gone to Trump.

I would be interested in hearing thoughts on how best to proceed on this. We need ideas that can be converted into doable action