German university drops Palestinian seminar amid accusations of “anti-Semitism”
The Palestine Project

This censorship is, of course, reprehensible and should be rejected by all who favor freedom of thought and open discussion of all issues. As many readers of The Palestine Project know, this sort of idiocy is increasingly being pushed by Israel and its collaborators. Unhappily the above response while it makes some good points is essentially weak and defensive.

What is needed is a full frontal attack on the use of accusations of anti-Semitism as cover for the vicious behavior of the Israeli state. The issue of “real” anti-Semitism is not our problem and tends to cloud and distort the issue. What we should be doing is showing how Israel’s attack on freedom of speech creates danger for those of us who hold it as an important and basic value.

In short, we need to take this battle to Israel and stop reacting in fear every time anti-Semitism is mentioned.

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