TypeScript and React

It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve started and it’s been an exciting 2 weeks at that. The basic premise of my project is implementing a complete revamp of our codebase from ES5 to ES6 + TypeScript. It’s a neat project that I’m enjoying working on both in terms of finding the nuance in the conversion as well as tackling a common peeve in the software engineering industry to this day.

One lecture I remember vividly from my first year at UCLA was Alan Kay’s discussion of software development and the issues surrounding it. Namely, this involves large Codebases becoming outdated as the languages they were written in evolve. As such, many otherwise obsolete languages remain vital to industry because that’s what they are written in.

Despite my companies tech stack being very modern (use of React, Node, etc.), there is still a need to update old code. Adding type checking helps prevent inadvertant errors in compile time thanks to TypeScript and ES6 compliance will allow for things like constants to be declared, use of arrow functions, etc. Tech is crazy in the sense it moves fast. Finding the proper time to update software is difficult as well and combining these two factors makes for a summer of documentation reading and reimplementation.