Don’t Tell Me You’re Going to Watch Little Donald’s Speech Tonight…

Tonight, Donald Trump is giving his first speech to a joint session of Congress. He’s going to call for $54 billion in new Pentagon spending, while slashing the EPA and State Department funding to the bone. He’s going to call for huge new tax cuts for the wealthy as well. He’s going to call for massive de-regulation on businesses as well. In short, he’s calling for the Reagan/Bush economic plan on steroids. The only real question is if he’s going to call for cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, or not, since we don’t know what kind of a mood Little Donald is in today.

Given that we know the utter carnage the Occupier-In-Chief wants to propose, I’m surprised to hear that some Democrats and progressives want to watch his speech. I don’t see any need to. There’s nothing to learn from listening to him speak. There’s lots to lose though.

I did not watch Little Donald’s Inauguration speech, because I know as well as anyone else that he was going to look up the ratings. This man wants our attention, he wants us to treat him as important. I’m going to treat him like he’s very unimportant. Sure, the damage he is doing to our country is bad, but we can’t remove him by a vote for four more years basically, so i’m going to focus on making his Congressional minions miserable, while treating him like a piece of trash on the highway that we drive by. No watching him give a speech that real Presidents get to give. No ratings. He is a second-class President to me.

I hope you’ll do the same, and ignore his speech tonight. Don’t give him the satisfaction of high ratings or the myth of our attention. He’ll get neither when he speaks. Treat him like an outcast, so that maybe he’ll start to feel like one.

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