Get Ready for Some Awful Media Coverage of the Election

So here’s the reality about the 2016 Election- Hillary Clinton is way ahead. There’s still about 80 days left, and things can definitely change in that time, but she’s got a comfortable lead in enough states right now to pass 270 electoral votes, to go with some closer states that take her well north of 300. Even if Donald Trump were to pull closer, Republicans don’t have much wiggle room in today’s electoral college, and his polarizing appeal might not pull many states back. Again, things can change, and maybe will- no one is saying Hillary Clinton has this election won. With that said, the pathway for Trump is very narrow.

That’s not fun for the media though. It doesn’t inspire great ratings to cover an election where one candidate is comfortably ahead. It’s not riveting TV to talk about how there is no horse-race, or about Trump’s structural problems as a candidate. The media doesn’t enjoy a ho-hum election. They can’t sell it very well. So, with that in mind, understand that they just won’t cover the reality of the race moving forward. We’re going to have to endure the ridiculous Rudy Giuliani getting on television and ranting. The silly questions about Hillary Clinton’s health, or whether or not she should visit the flooding zones in Louisiana (she should not) will get coverage. Even a one point dip in polling will prompt questions of her message, and discussion of “what’s wrong with her?” We’ll hear about Trump “hitting re-set” and other nonsense, and how he might become a better candidate- after 18 months.

The media needs an actual race in order to have a reason to exist. As a result, this election isn’t going to be covered as what it currently is- the complete crack-up of the Republican Party. We’re not going to get the discussion we need, of the reality we live in, but we’re going to get a discussion of an alternative universe, where the race is currently competitive, where a Republican losing badly in Colorado and Virginia can be elected President.

Like I said, the Democrats could get complacent or make a mistake, and let Trump back into this thing. As is though, honest coverage would not cover this as a competitive “horse-race.”

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