Hey D-Wade: Go To Cleveland

This is not going to be popular, nor is it going to sound less than hypocritical after ripping Kevin Durant, but I hope Dwyane Wade joins his buddy LeBron in Cleveland. I know, it’s the “easy way out,” in that it improves his chances from Miami. I get that. It’s hardly easy though, or a way out.

Golden State is coming off of a record breaking 73 win season, back-to-back NBA Final appearances, and signing a top three player in the world right now. They will have a starting line-up where the worst player was the 2015 NBA Finals MVP and is a former All-Star. The league has all but eliminated calling the “moving screen” because of them, and they have the deepest roster in basketball. Let me be clear- Kevin Durant signing with them, after losing to them in the playoffs, is the easy way out. Rather than trying to get better and win that game seven next year, or picking out a new team where he can build a franchise around himself, he went ahead and joined the best gig in town. He made his road to the championship shorter than ever.

Dwyane Wade would absolutely have a better chance of getting his fourth ring on the defending NBA Champion Cavaliers than staying in South Florida, that is true. Regardless of where he goes though, the mountain in front of anyone trying to win a championship is the much improved, record-breaking Warriors squad. Even with Wade in Cleveland, Golden State might still be a unanimous favorite. Even Wade and LeBron would be facing the greatest challenge of their careers. Even if Kevin Love can pull it together, things wouldn’t be easy.

I would not fault Wade if he went to New York, picked a new franchise to try and build, or went back to Miami, a fanbase that has supported him all the way. I just think that if he went to Cleveland and joined LeBron to take on the new villains of the NBA out in Oakland, it would be must-see TV. I think those head-to-head battles would be worth every minute of the time we would all put into watching them on the television. I think the potential Cavs-Warriors three-peat final would be the most epic showdown of all-time if Wade joined his old friend for one more run at the ring. I’m pulling for the confrontation. I’m pulling for the chance to watch James and Wade as the good guys this time. I think the possibilities of what might happen are endless, and frankly too exciting to pass on. I’m pulling for a reunion on the banks of Lake Erie, and another LeBron-Wade championship.