I Couldn’t Find MTV to Watch the VMA’s- Britney and Kanye Owned It Anyway

There was a time when MTV was a “must-watch” in my rotation of channels, along with ESPN, whatever sports station existed in Philadelphia, and CNN. Just about all of that changed when MTV went to “reality” TV, and stopped playing music videos (right around my college years). Now I have to confess that I didn’t even know what station number MTV was until I found it this morning, and realized that a show called “Teen Mom” was on. I’ll pass.

Apparently last night was the VMA’s though, according to the internet. The VMA’s were for my generation a must-see cultural event, every year, at one time. It was at the VMA’s that Eminem joined up with Elton John to perform “Stan,” in response to people calling him a homophobe. It was at the VMA’s that Madonna, Britney, and Christina made out on stage, and also at the VMA’s where Madonna gave an expletive filled speech about hip-hop. The VMA’s used to feature performances from the likes of Aerosmith, Green Day, and the Rolling Stones. The VMA’s were the venue where some classic hip-hop beefs, like Tupac and Biggie, or Nas and Jay Z either got hotter, or saw the beginning to their ends. The VMA’s in more recent years haven’t been the same, but they did give us the infamous “Kanye and Taylor moment” a few years ago, before Kimmy K got involved.

I didn’t see this year’s though. I mean, I like everyone else was subjected on the internet to the Beyonce performance that we’re all supposed to call great. The video of Drake telling the world how much he loves Rihanna was on the internet for anyone to see. It took me a few minutes, but I saw that Britney Spears is still God’s gift to America, at least in the performance that I saw. Yes, I managed to find my way to Kanye’s rant as well, and his riff on Taylor Swift again (seriously, MTV should just give him a VMA every year for the interest he creates in their show, the man is the TO of rap music). I didn’t see the show, and I’m fine with that, as I either don’t like or don’t know the rest of the artists there. I can do without, thanks.

I’m not a fan of Beyonce (I wasn’t a fan of Destiny’s Child either), not really big on Drake, and while I love Kanye, he and Taylor have played out their feud about as far as humanly possible at this point. I’m just going to tell myself that Kanye and Britney owned the VMA’s, again, because that’s easier than wading through the ridiculous coverage of Beyonce’s performance that clutters up all the #VMAs hashtags. Since I missed the show anyway, I guess I can create my own recollection of the event in my own reality.