Benjamin T. Awesome

So wait, let me get this straight- you don’t think the GOP should exist as an alternative party to the Democratic Party, for people who are not liberal or progressive to choose? Okay, I disagree 100%. I think it is an institution worth saving.

Second point- third parties are a complete waste of time. Voting for people who can’t win will not change the system. Our system is set up for a two party system.

Third point- Clinton has much deeper and broader support than about half within the Democratic Party. At no point was she ever below 65% saying they’d vote for her in the Fall, even at the height of the fight with Bernie. Most of us are quite fine with our selection.

Finally- no, money is not the root of it all. In fact, most money in politics is not corrupt at all. Some major donors just give to all major candidates, others give it to people with a demonstrated record that they agree with. Either way, saying the reason for the GOP’s woes is money is to ignore the complicity of their voters. Donald Trump raised nothing. He barely even ran a campaign. He won because their base voters want a culture war. I know it’s much more comforting to say the oligarchs have bought off the system, but the lunacy of 2016 is a product of the voters.

In short- I guess you and I don’t agree on much here.