10 Struggles Introverts Can Relate To

  1. Eager for an invite to the party, but never plan on going.
    We know we were never going, but the invite made us feel special!
  2. Awkward greetings.(from @heyyjessaylou)
    Do you go for the hug? Handshake? Or just a casual wave? Then you beat yourself up for the rest of the day because you intercepted the hug with a handshake.
  3. “Let’s go around the room and introduce ourselves”.
    How about we cut ourselves with rusty razor blades and set ourselves on fire after? No thank you!
  4. Sharing a hilarious (in mind) joke, and no one laughs.
    Then I promise to myself that I will NEVER speak again.
  5. Seeing someone you know at the grocery store.
    All those ninja training videos on I watched on YouTube are finally coming in handy!
  6. Extensive mental preparation for a simple phone call.
    I party like I just graduated college after hanging up. We deserve to celebrate the small wins, right?
  7. When someone can’t spend 2 seconds without talking.
    Dude, can’t you see I’m also busy talking to myself too? It’s hard to multi-task.
  8. Having to explain why you’re busy this weekend doing “nothing” to your friends.
    “I don’t want to explain myself. I just need some time to myself.” is what I SHOULD’VE SAID before I got forced to go out with them!
  9. Asking for extra condiments.(from @maheswari_rout)
    Another reason why to have friends. Have them ask for you!
  10. Seeing someone you really want to talk to but can’t.
    There are so many people that I’ve wanted to speak to but couldn’t. It’s your fault really — you should’ve read my mind that I wanted to talk to you.

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