You know that feeling. Being at a house/company party with a room full of people that you’ve never ever seen before. Feelings of unease and some anxiousness is common for introverts in such a large group setting. As an introvert who has done a fair share of partying in my adolescence, here is my survival guide for introverts on how to not be horribly awkward at parties.

  1. Homework Before Party — Before an army goes to war, they must have a solid strategy before entering actual combat. This is the same for an introvert going to a party. Figure out who is (and how many people) going to be at the party if possible. Devise a solid exit plan to leave if you’re not into it. When you arrive, locate and remember where the exits, restrooms, and pets are. They will be needed for the next tips.
  2. Restroom Recharge — You know you’re a real introvert when you close the restroom door at a party and get a sigh of relief. When you’re feeling low and depleted from socializing, take a minor break and head straight to the restroom. Doesn’t matter if you don’t even need to really use the toilet; a few minutes of being completely alone here and there will help you survive the rest of the party.
  3. Pet Party — Surrounded by super annoying and drunk partyers? If the host has furry pets, locate them asap. These are your new and loyal friends for the night. They don’t like to small talk, pry about your job, and being obnoxiously loud. Perfect company for the partying introvert.
  4. Extrovert Juice — Feeling uneasy, nervous, anxious, or all of the above? Drink the extrovert juice, guaranteed to make you feel better but maybe not so in the morning. A few alcoholic drinks will make opening up a lot easier to new people.
  5. Stage 5 Clinger — If the above tips don’t work, it’s time to activate stage 5 clinger mode. Chances are, your extrovert friends brought you to the party. They will sift and maneuver the crowd with ease, which is why you must cling on to them as hard as possible (maybe not physically). They will act as your buffer when meeting new people and can introduce you to that cute guy/girl you had your eye on the whole night.

There you have it, my guide on introverts surviving parties 101. Let me know if these tips worked for you by commenting below.

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