White People, It’s Time To Prioritize Justice Over Civility
Tauriq Moosa

Is not civility the first step of justice? The content that follows this set of false alternatives is unreal and untruthful. Let’s begin with the following Trump-like exaggeration-

The planet’s entire history is one of hearing, witnessing, and struggling against white people’s ideas of race.

That our Author sees all history as epitomized by race is our first clue that his judgment in this area is a tad untrustworthy. I appreciate that he feels strongly about it, that he has staked his identity on it, but he is only one person, attempting to persuade those who find it easier to feel than to think. Others have felt strongly about other issues, and found identity in other aspects of their lives: Malcom X in religion that transcended race; and Karl Marx in economic class that he was convinced was more the key to history and experience than the color line.

Our Author alludes to-

making statutes that kill people.

without bothering to mention any. The last administration’s promotion of abortion was responsible for more non-white human deaths around the world than anything the current President has done.

The following characterization asserts an untruth-

The Trump Administration is no accident. The growing international support of such populist, racist movements is not by chance.

To suggest that the Trump administration is racist is ironic in view of his getting more non-white votes than Romney or McCain, and his very public support from Blacks like Dr. Ben Carson who do not share our Author’s extreme political views. Candidly, it is probably the prominence of views like these that caused a lot of voters to vote for Mr. Trump. Our Author’s perspective may be characterized as declaring the perfect to be enemy of the good, for he argues that white moderates are as bad as (or worse than) white supremacists.

He further states-

This is why the status quo deserves to be upset: because the way things are doesn’t equate to how things should be.

Yep, that’s the world’s dilemma. The question is, will better things emerge if we upset the applecart? Or will we end up bruising the apples and scattering them? The answer is obvious. In Chicago, they have upset the status quo considerably, and the result is more Blacks murdered by Blacks in two years than in 50 years of lynchings throughout the South. This is why dictators arise out of revolutionary chaos. People support one strong man who will loot and even kill them because he at least prevents others from doing so.

I found this statement rich in irony-

Privilege is a blindspot that requires constant interrogation, and we can only hope that white people listen to us when they blunder

Does this apply to our Author? He is a law student, after all, a privileged position in society. Can I hope that he might listen to me (his elder by a couple of decades) when he blunders?

Finally, he concludes-

Racism is primarily white people’s problem, even though people of color must face it every day.

Is this not a confession of dependency, victimhood, even helplessness? Booker T. Washington faced challenges, conditions, and attitudes far more extreme than our Author’s, but was able to rise from slavery into building a college and creating livelihood for countless others. Washington’s advice was self-respect and self-sufficiency: “Become the best carpenter you can be and even the prejudiced will pay you to build their houses.” Civility here is assumed.