How Fonts Are Fueling the Culture Wars
Ben Hersh

Thank you for a fascinating look at a trans-historical/transcultural phenomenon!

I learned a lot for your piece, and it pulled together much of what I already know, and that is always enjoyable.

As a Lutheran native to America, I have been familiar with fraktur and never associated it with Hitler, rather with Luther’s translation of the Bible, and other German literature. I suppose this was so because my mental bag labeled “German” was so big that Hitler was only one of many items in there. Just as we regard as narrow and prejudiced those whose bag labeled “Islam” contains only 5 items: Mohammed, terrorist, jihad, Arabia, and hijab, so those who associate “German” with Hitler and Nazi ought be regarded as ignorant, if not prejudiced.

The existence of such ignorant persons is a fact of life. That I myself may be such an ignorant person with respect to some other cultures, is a truth that each of us must acknowledge.

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