Reading 100+ Books a Year to “Upgrade” Yourself is a Complete Waste of Time
Zat Rana

Your thoughts and observations are good common sense. Let me add one or two others.

  1. Repitition is the mother of learning. I find it easier to read a second book which presents the same material in a new way than to reread most books. For this reason, some may trade quantity of reading for quality of reading.
  2. I tend to read slowly, thoughtfully, underlining particularly pithy thoughts. I suppose it is the human equivalent of marking my territory.
  3. Some books deal with fundamental things while others do not. The Bible is a book set apart (the base meaning of “Holy”), worth much more attention and reflection than others. Whether as a text shared by billions of people, or as a Divine message (as I believe), it is worth particular attention. Information serves us, but wisdom shows us what realities we must adapt ourselves to; information serves us, but Truth is what we are to serve.
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