Sanders and Warren Will Play Active Role In Shaping The Democratic Leadership

The new Democratic minority leader says he’s looking to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to craft and lead strategy.

Liberals, Progressives, and Democrats are collectively licking their wounds over the results of the presidential election and the prospect of a totalitarian state under the new Grand and Glorious Leader, Donald J. Trump. Some libs are renewing their passports while others are vowing to fight the new regime by loading up on memes to share and tweet. Some are blaming the DNC’s insistence on Clinton’s coronation, while others are pining for the days that Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was an actual candidate, despite him having little chance of getting elected. That would have meant electing a Socialist in a vehemently anti-Socialist society filled with people who have no idea what Socialism is.

Bernie fans can relax, your time has come. The Democratic leadership, now led by Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) who is replacing Harry Reid (D-NV) has heard your cries. He’s heard your complaints. And he’s going to do something about it, damn it.

Schumer sat down with Huffington Post on Friday to discuss the new and improved vision and way forward for the Democratic Party. Bernie fans will be happy hear that his policies and ideas are part of that vision. For fans of Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), there’s good news as well. Schumer told HuffPo that ideas from both Warren and Sanders will be part of the revamping of the message from the party.

Schumer, speaking as though he thought Sanders would have made a better candidate than Clinton to run against Trump said, “I’m not going to point fingers looking back. I think that is divisive. But Bernie makes a lot of sense in a lot of ways.”

Schumer is also behind Sanders’ choice for, Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota to head up the Democratic National Committee. “Bernie convinced me of this. Bernie asked me to do it, to organize it,” Schumer said, adding that he agrees with Sanders’ idea that the DNC needs to take on a more activist and organizing role.

Schumer then added:

So when we’re pushing for a strong college bill on the floor, there are hundreds of thousands of people on campuses across the country emailing, and tweeting and calling and protesting. And when we do minimum wage, there should be minimum wage workers all over the country pushing for that. That’s what Bernie wants to do with the DNC, and I completely agree.

As House Minority Leader, Schumer will be the guy who crafts the strategy and leads the charge in Congress, but according to him most of the ideas and the message comes from Sanders and Warren.

“When you lose an election the way we did, you don’t flinch, you don’t look away. You look it in the eye and say ‘What did we do wrong?’” Schumer said. “To me, overwhelmingly, we did not have a strong economic message. What we need is a sharper, bolder, stronger, more progressive economic message.”

This sounds great. We can all relax. The Democratic Party is now in the capable hands of Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren. All of which based on their background and religious affiliation (both Sanders and Schumer are Jews) will be open targets for the anti-Semites filling up Trump’s cabinet and inner circle. And lest we forget Warren, who Trump took pot shots at throughout his campaign with such racially charged names as “Pocahontas,” referring to her Native American heritage.

After the 2012 election, in which Obama won a second term, the GOP conducted what they referred to as an autopsy, during which they looked deep into their souls and the soul of the GOP to find a way to cast off their cloak of bigotry, misogyny, and racism. They needed to attract more African Americans, more women, more Hispanics, and more gays. The results of their best efforts to be a more inclusive and accepting party was Donald Trump. The orange STD that will now inhabit the White House.

Let’s hope that the Democrats have better results. Let’s hope that Chuck Schumer isn’t just blowing smoke to placate the masses and the progressives after this completely avoidable loss.

More from HuffPost:

[Schumer] has long made it his mantra to focus on the needs of the middle class. And for him, the successes of both Sanders and Trump with disaffected white voters tells him he needs to address them more clearly. And the fact that the economic messages of Sanders and Warren from the left resonated better with them than the cautious pronouncements of Clinton tells him the progressive message is actually the one that speaks to the broader audience.

Let’s hope that this vision and way forward of Schumer’s is more than lip service from a disjointed and disconnected Democratic Party to a disenfranchised and disillusioned electorate.

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