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The birth of Bitcoin was the trigger of this great technological revolution, since then hundreds of crypto currencies have appeared which have helped to develop sectors in different fields (medicine, economy, science, government, etc.) thanks to its great benefits such as transparency and security to the financial records mainly.

Something that has become essential for the system of crypto coins are the exchange platforms of these same, these exchange platforms allow users to transfer crypto coins in a safe, fast and efficient. At the moment there are more than 1500 crypto coins circulating in the blockchain network, and these platforms are responsible for supporting the trade and transfer of these digital assets in the ecosystem blockchain, but these platforms so far have been indispensable, but that does not mean that they are perfect, within the different platforms there are certain problems as they are:

* Records and requirements too complex

* Incapacity for Simultaneous Exchanges

* Catalogues of incomplete crypto coins

* Excessive exposure of user data

These are some of the problems that these platforms have and at the same time the challenges that users have to face to be able to trade and exchange assets, as well as the blockchain is in constant development and improvements it is time that the platforms also evolve, ONEPAGEX is a pioneering platform that has taken the first step to improvement and change by simplifying operations for the comfort of users.


OnepageX is the solution to all these problems I mentioned earlier, one of the most fascinating things about the platform is how it manages to solve all these problems by simplifying operations, the user can perform operations without registration and only take minutes to achieve it, with the beta version of onepageX recently launched has stolen the eyes of many investors and users because it offers a much simpler alternative for their daily operations. oNEPAGEx offers the largest list of crypto currencies for exchange and is always growing.

OnepageX’s vision is to make it as easy as possible for users to exchange crypto coins without the need to register.

Here we will see an example of how easy it is to use the platform:

OneBox Widget

The OnepageX platform has a widget through which websites can implement simply by copying and pasting a fragment, this will allow websites to provide their users the ability to make quick exchanges of crypto coins.

Great Opportunity!

To encourage users to try the services of the platform, OnepageX has a very special promotion and is not for more or less:

0% RATE FOR 2018!

Do not miss this opportunity, no matter how many assets you exchange the platform will not charge any fee.

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