Easing the Sales Cycle

More than 90% of business purchasing decisions start online, according to research published by Acquiity Group. This online research is a combination of of search engines, business websites, 3rd party sites (such as news or professional reviews) and user reviews.

Adam Singer, Google Analytics Advocate, said the average procurement decision maker checks in with at least 10 sources before deciding to move forward. That means the average buyer goes beyond the first page of Google search results in looking for information, and with more than 3/4th of buyers beginning their diligence with Google, a negative result on the first couple pages of search results can be a major deterrent for businesses looking to sell to procurement decision makers.

Historically, companies have gone to great lengths to essentially hide negative results, using a combination of link building and content development to push negative content to the third, fourth, and fifth page of search results.

This is no small undertaking. Sites like RipOffReport, Scambook and Topix have gained immense traction with search engines, based both on the frequency in which content is added and the number of inbound links these sites have (internally, and as one would imagine for user generated content, from external sites; consumers tend to link to their own content).

Adding further to the issue with these sites, some companies have begun posting false, damaging competitor reviews. Suddenly an unscrupulous company has an opportunity to broadcast false messages on websites, and have those messages amplified across the web and into search results by virtue of the venue in which they’re posting.

The challenge is obvious, but until recently, the solution was anything but.

Today, for the first time, companies have an ally capable of permanently cleaning up their online reputation, Profile Defenders, the reputation management company I started with David Lynn years ago is publicly offering this service. With years experience and hundreds of successful campaigns. Through the years we have been featured in media like Forbes and The Wall Street Journal. Now we have just launched a unique, proprietary approach to permanently counteracting the negative effects of defamatory sites, and making it easier for businesses to put their best foot forward in the sales cycle.

Profile Defenders’ new complete removal solution draws on years of experience in online reputation management, approaching each piece of defamatory or derogatory content on a case-by-case basis, and using a series of unique steps to scrub the content, one piece at a time. The thorough methodology goes beyond hiding negative results and permanently removes content from the web.

For Profile Defenders, each client brings unique needs and challenges. However, the company is fully equipped to solve virtually any challenge, for individuals and SMB’s through organizations in the Fortune 500. To ensure client satisfaction, Profile Defenders guarantees all of their work, inclusive of the new complete removal approach.

More than three out of four purchasing decisions start with a search engine. Profile Defender’s new content removal approach, combined with branding campaigns and capabilities, enables businesses to ensure that the search results that prospects see paint the strongest possible picture, and ease the sales process.