We used to call her, Piggy.

It’s worse that we used to tease her behind her back, but over time, she got quieter and we got bolder.

Her name soon changed to Piggy. And it stuck on.

Piggy. Piggy. Piggy.

A friend of mine even went to lengths (at that time, we deemed hilarious) to grunt every time Piggy walked by.

She was two years our junior. She was young, her body still growing, changing, developing. And we shamed her. A joke to us, that began and ended only when we saw her in school. But what that meant to her, well, it took me merely 12 years to fully comprehend: and that, only because I happened to be on Facebook and chanced on a post from a popular wedding blog.

Yup. 12 years later, here I am, sitting in my room, reading a post about Piggy’s soon to arrive wedding; and along with it, came the tears.

“…While growing up, I never thought much of myself. I was average, or below. But then He (her now husband) came along, and showed me, myself, through his eyes. And I was shocked. I was beautiful. We had an instant connection, and it was directly to our souls….” The post goes on, she talks about their shared dreams, troubles they faced and mountains they had to cross. But as I was reading it, tears streaming down my face, I realised how close we had come to crushing a little girl. How as the cliched saying goes, “Time heals all wounds…” is an absolute lie!

It’s funny how the tables have turned though — body shaming is something that I have to face on an almost everyday basis. And it starts from within my own home. Yes, I have joined the gym, I eat right, I wake up early… I do everything (or not do everything) that allows me to live up to the expectations around me. And I face this all on my own.

She has found something that I’m still searching for, no, yearning for: Confidence.

As I scanned through her pictures, it was her smile that I envied the most. There she had what I keep wondering when I’ll find: Her Soulmate.

Karma is a good teacher. And I’ve decided, I’m going to be a patient student. The Universe always leaves behind clues and pathways that help you become a better person: I thought I was listening, but… Universe, you’ve got my attention now! While it’s terrible to admit that I don’t have the guts to send her an apology message, I will however send her a congratulatory one and hope that gives her space to forgive my childish rants.

It’s strange how when you believe that Change is what you need, the Universe does indeed send you guiding signs; and if you’re lucky, warning signs too.

As for our darling Piggy, I hope that she has a wonderful life ahead, because I think most definitely, the worst is now way behind her.

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