‘Beyond the line’ is a documentary about the state of occupational safety for Indian photojournalists, an issue that was raised when in 2016 Ravi Kanojia, a photographer with one of India’s leading newspapers lost his life while covering droughts in Jhansi, India. In this interview based documentary many Indian photojournalists came forward to talk about occupational safety for photojournalists and how it need to be addressed immediately.
Beyond the line
Mayapuri: A biography of scrap is a short film on India’s largest scrap market market Mayapuri. Produced and edited by me, this film explores the complexities of the work processes and streets of the market. India’s major share of old vehicles are scrapped here but it still remains underdeveloped due to the lack of infrastructure and policies. I also got a chance to photograph the market during the project, here is my photo story on Medium.
Mayapuri: A biography of scrap
My work as an Assistant Director with Tangent Film Pvt. Ltd. on three short videos about women cancer survivors. The survivors shared their views on cancer and their struggle through it. They were also run as a campaign #BraveAndBeautiful by Dabur Vatika.
18-year-old Ruchi Gokhale shares her fight against cancer.
Yassmeen Kichlu shares her story on how she survived cancer.
A hair dresser by profession, survivor Arpana shares her story of cancer survival.
My freelance work with Tangent Films Pvt. Ltd. as an Assistant Director on International Women’s Day. This short video shares women’s views on womanhood and how they should be celebrated, respected and cared everyday.
I maintain my visual journal which emphasizes on minimalism, via Instagram.
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