Consistency is key when creating a CSS framework for any website or app. No matter how large or small, it’s important to use consistent colors, margins, and hover treatments, just to name a few. Old news, right?

While working on a single site or app, consistency can be a fairly simple thing to manage. …

As a front-end developer working with a large product code base, there comes a time when some new CSS breaks an element somewhere else in the product. I know component based styles can solve for this situation, but when you’re dealing with legacy code, components aren’t always there to save the day.

Visual regression tests can track any breaking style changes. …

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I’ve been diving into Craft more and more lately, and love the way it handles template driven image transforms.

Quick background note: image transforms save everyone from uploading images at certain sizes. Craft lets you define rules that tranform images in a non-destructive way. So say you need a thumbnail that is 200px by 200px, you can set up an image transform that will create a cropped thumbnail from the original image without destroying that original image.

Craft has a great UI for creating image transforms in the admin, and they also allow these transforms to be created directly in the template file. …

Earlier this year, I planned on making the journey north to catch the August 21st total solar eclipse, but as time progressed I realized that I would be joined by a hundred thousand other eclipse watchers. This didn’t quite fit into my vision of a solitary photography trip to capture the wonder and awe of the total eclipse.

I also didn’t want to purchase or rent all of the gear necessary to get a really good eclipse photo that would likely just get lost in the thousands of others that would flood social media.

So I decided to stay in Colorado, and went into downtown Denver to photograph some of the other Denverites who stayed in the area to catch the 93% eclipse. …

Another view from yesterdays hike, edited to show the contrast of the snow, mountain, and sky.

Took a hike up to the frozen Loch Vail in Rocky Mountain National Park. The setting sun turned the ice into a giant blinding reflector.

More star trails. This time without gaps. Composite of 39 images. 4 minute exposures each.

Denver’s Union Station is a pretty amazing structure at night.

Armed Forces Tribute Garden on a cold windy night. (Westminster, Colorado).

Not a photo. The weather didn’t cooperate with my original plans. So enjoy the dance of clouds ushering in some colder weather.


Rich Bachman

Web Developer @SendGrid, photographer, tasty food & beer consumer.

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