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10 Benefits of the Daily Brain Dump

Organizing your thoughts to increase creativity and productivity

Brain Dump is a transfer of all of your thoughts and knowledge from a period of time or on a particular subject into a journal or notepad. The idea is to round up loose-ends, ideas, thoughts and to contain all of them in one place. Brain dump lists can be made on either a digital app on your phone or computer, or on a physical paper journal.

The benefits of this exercise:

  1. Find a single place to contain your thoughts
  2. Looking at the sum of your thoughts over a period of time from a high level may allow you to make connections you couldn’t previously see. This is great for entrepreneurs and product development.
  3. Have you ever had a great idea but can’t remember an important detail? Check back in your brain dump log and it will be there waiting for you.
  4. Brings order to the chaos of today’s information overload, helping you to prioritize tasks and complete them.
  5. Provides a history of your ideas and work which you can tap into at any time in the future for brainstorming new ideas.
  6. Much like a computer, clearing the cache of your brain will improve performance and improve processing speed.
  7. Reduce the number of things distracting you from achieving focus and work flow during the day.
  8. Use this exercise to create physical lists. Physical lists are easier to manage than mental lists.
  9. Plan your 30-day calendar using these lists and boost your productivity.
  10. Research shows that the act of physically writing things down helps you encode it in your memory and improves your recall. This is known as the modality effect.

If you often find yourself on information overload or lacking focus, practice this exercise. The ultimate goal of the brain dump is to increase creativity, productivity and number of hours spent in flow — also known as being “in the zone”.

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