10 Reasons Why I love Instagram

Richard Belton
Mar 27, 2017 · 2 min read

In October 2010, a new social app was released by two engineers out of San Francisco, California. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger released their experimental mobile photo app into the world featuring creative filters and square photos. Two years later in 2012 Facebook acquired them for $1 Billion. At the time, their user base was a staggering 100 million. As of December, their user base surpassed 600 million as it evolves into one of the internet’s most popular apps. Here’s why I love Instagram.

  1. It’s the only social app I use every single day. It allows me to follow friends, acquaintances, brands, business accounts and any creative person who inspires me all in one place.
  2. Everyone I care about has an Instagram account. Oh, you’re not on Instagram? You’re dead to me. I can share that FuckJerry video with my sisters in a private group message, text friends and follow their day via stories.
  3. It’s a portal to the world. Anyone who loves Instagram knows how deep in the wormhole of the internet this app can take you.
  4. Make art with every post. Photography is an extension of your creativity. Every post is an opportunity to create something beautiful, an opportunity to say something — and the cost is zero.
  5. Get inspired. Some of the most inspiring creators are here. Some of the most inspiring content is published here. People I love, like Ben Brown, Gary Vaynerchuk and Casey Neistat.
  6. It’s under the radar. People talk about Facebook, but actually use Instagram. No one posts photos of their trip, stories, or life on Facebook anymore. If you really want to know someone, you know where to go.
  7. The Algorithm. You know when your friend clicks the like button on something cringe-worthy on Facebook and it’s broadcast in your newsfeed? Yeah, it’s like, what the fuck, Mom. Don’t you know how Facebook even works? Well go ahead and heart up that awkward photo on Instagram, it won’t be broadcast in the feed.
  8. Access. I’ve messaged other creative professionals in my field and received help. Some who have huge followings, yet they replied to me via Instagram’s direct message — DM. Friction is low, and it’s hard to avoid a DM from a fan as you scroll in bed at 1 AM. Chances of a quick reply here is better than anywhere else.
  9. Stories. Ripping off Snapchat was the best idea for Insta’s survival. I love sharing snippets of my day or story telling via stories. Not everything deserves to live in your feed. As a bonus, now I can avoid using SnapChat altogether.
  10. Intimacy. It’s just more cozy here. People communicate here in a way that they just don’t feel comfortable doing anywhere else. It’s like a behind-the-scenes, auto-biographical look at people’s lives.

And that’s it. That’s why I love using Instagram. Follow me there, here.

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