99% Of Things Don’t Matter

“99% of what we deal every day in business doesn’t matter. If you religiously follow the few core business philosophies that mean the most to you, everything else will naturally fall into place.”
Gary Vaynerchuk

This advice from Vayner Media CEO Gary Vaynerchuk has been of the most significant mental unlocks for me to becoming a more productive person. Every time I start a new task or project, I think about it’s importance in the grand scheme of things. How important is this thing I’m about to do? Is it going to put me closer to my goals and ambitions, or is it non-essential? I genuinely think about this every single day.

Every task, no matter how small, I consider how it takes time away from what I truly care about: creating video content for brands, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and honing my craft. To me, creating something and putting it out into the world is the most satisfying joy. It’s also how I make art, and make a living. Therefore, I should dedicate the most of my time to doing the work I am compelled to do. Nothing is more important.

I hope everyone who reads this quote will take a moment to audit how they are spending their time. What things are you doing that you can cut out — and redirect to creating forward momentum in what truly matters to you. Maybe you are going to bars, restaurants, always accepting invites to outings and parties with friends. Those things are important on some level, sure. But just remember — you don’t have as much time as you think you do.