The Shift to Creating

Scroll. Swipe. Double tap.

We spend way too much time surfing, scrolling, snapping and consuming digital content created by others online. A recent Nielsen report said that Americans have over 10 hours of screen time each day. What could we achieve if we cut our consumption by just fifty percent, and instead, used those hours to create something — anything?

For one week.

For one month.

For six months?

Start with small goals

Once you’ve made the decision to make the shift to creating, the first step is to set a small, achievable daily goal. This can be something simple like a daily blog post, taking one photo a day and so on. Set a fixed amount of time each day to dedicate to making your art, photography, vlogging— whatever.

Commit 100%

Committing to the process is essential; without total commitment to reaching the goal each day, excuses will creep in and you will fail. Consider this daily task as essential as eating or brushing your teeth. Force yourself to do it every day. Some days will be easier than others, but that’s ok, it’s part of the process.

30 Days

Thirty days is a solid amount of time to dedicate to creating this shift. A week is too easy, and longer periods of time can feel too daunting. You want a certain level of achievability balanced by personal challenge. Commit to thirty days at first, and renew the contract with yourself after that if you wish. You can do pretty much anything for 30 days. It’s an interesting way to think about planning and achieving your goals in short, focused chunks of time that can produce sustainable change in the long-run.

With today’s internet and social media tools, anyone can become a creator if they just commit to this shift. The reward will come when you can look back on the body of work that you’ve created in a single month. It will be greater than what most people produce in a whole year. You’ll also gain the knowledge that change is possible when taken in small bites with a little dedication.

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