“Nativist” impulses are not at all weird or something to belittle.

My “nativistic” instincts coupled with life experiences, whistleblower testimony and “leaks” keep reinforcing the notion that the system is rigged from top to bottom. Neither major party earns my vote. Trump’s populism only flirts with change. Sooner or later a movement will probably start that will bring needed change. My guess is main party, local level candidate will run on a nonpartisan city council election and get elected using any of the following: (a) Stop Chemtrails over our town, (2) Stop mandatory vaccinations, (c) Let’s start a city owned bank (d) Let’s promote a protective incubator center for Zero Point Energy device development.

Once started, any one of these issues opens the gateway to a national movement where people began to speak truth to power, and power begins to listen.

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