The New Year.

On the eve of the dawn of a new year I, like many of you, am thinking about what the new year will bring. As is tradition you’re possibly considering some resolutions. And, even if you despise such organized planning, one thing is sure; the new year will come and pass so make the best of it.

Kierkegaard wrote that “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” It is with this that I write and think about the coming year. The passing year was full of discord and division. The passing year was also full of anxiety and fear. Hopefully we can resolve that the coming year will be filled with harmony and unity: equanimity and trust. I see this as foundational in both our communities and in our families.

For me, going into the new year will include a strive for balance; looking for ways that I can help rather than hurt.

I’m going to look for ways and do what I can to improve things that surround me.

I’m looking to improve my relationships, my personal outlook, and my walk.

I’m going to learn from failures. I’m going to try to learn from all experiences and all people. I can think about what things worked and what things did not. This type of introspection is not easy but well worthwhile.

In short, I’m going to live forward: learn from the past and hope for the future.

-thank you for reading

Happy New Year! Here’s to wonderful and prosperous days ahead. Cheers!

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