Daily Comic Panel Slow Read #10

from Power Man and Iron Fist #3 | art by Sanford Greene and Lee Loughridge | Written by David Walker, lettering by Clayton Cowles
Page 16, panel 1

This exercise was inspired by a tweet I can no longer find (possibly by Tonci Zonjic). The idea was to slow down your reading and just look deeply at one particular panel of a comic for about 15 minutes in order to really study its construction. I thought this would make for an interesting daily exercise for 2017.

  • This is a relatively quiet scene in a comic about martial arts, magic and organized crime but I love the rhythm of it. It works because of the varying directions of the characters’ gazes as we follow behind them into this pawn shop. Danny is looking off to the left (I like how we don’t know what exactly is capturing his attention at this moment but he seems like he’s just taking it all in) followed by Luke looking idley to the right. Our eye is drawn, thanks to the angle of the lighting, towards the proprietor, Señor Mágico, who is waiting at the counter.
  • Greene does a nice job of staging an eclectic consignment shop here that is stuffed with a lot of mundane items like books, TVs and guitars but also some odd props. The spear, the mask way in the distance or even the deer head or cowboy boots could maybe pass for being mystical in nature. The owner is meant to be a low-rent Doctor Strange so it’s fitting that his shop may or may not just be filled with junk. Greene’s restraint here works well.
  • Loughridge’s colors add some nice depth of field with the brightest area in the distance. Danny in the foreground flattens out with a purplish shadow that tones down his yellow mask and allows you to look past him towards Luke’s slightly yellower shirt, the hanging lamps and then the brighter but less distinctly drawn, Señor Mágico.
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