Dota 2 principles #0: Purpose

Why do you want to get better? For me, it’s a sense of accomplishment in a meaningless number (mmr). I like to do well at most things I dabble in.And Dota is an extremely competitive game. I got to 5 k when siractionslacks was around 4.8–4.9 because I realized I was better mechanically than him so I could do it as well.

It’s fine to want to reach 4k, 5k, 6k, for fun/accomplishment as long as its in moderation with everything else in your life. But going pro as a purpose will be fairly disappointing. Not because you cannot “git gud”. Some of you may be as good (or have potential to be) as pro-players but they are so far ahead of you in terms of experience and how long they’ve been playing.

Please don’t put off schooling/work to try to go pro unless you have a back-up plan and understand the realistic hopes. As Zai said on his stream once, it’s not like once you reach a certain mmr people are just going to invite you because you are now 8 k mmr. There needs to be networking or else you have to start your own team.

Point is, look at people like ixmike88, 747, Synderden, even Ad Finem the year before Boston they got second place in most qualifiers. Consider how long it will take. When you want to start now you have to understand these guys already played thousands of hours more than you in pubs/scrims, replay analysis.

TL:DR Have a reason for improving, and remember that if you’re not happy with your life at 3.2 k mmr, you probably won’t be happy with your life at 5.5 k mmr either.

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