Will you date someone who murdered her ex-lover on millionaire dating sites?

How do you think if you meet some bad people on millionaire dating sites? Just like this one, who murdered her ex-bf and got sentenced for 14 years.

Jane Andrews, who was once the Royal dresser for Sarah, the Duchess of York, was convicted of murdering her ex-lover in 2001 and got prisoned for 14 years. Last year, she was freed. And now, she is registered on a millionaire dating sites with a nickname Ladyjane1967, in searching of a millionaire match who is from 18–59 for a serious relationship and marriage, according to news from the Sun. How do you think of her if you meet her on millionaire dating site?

Andrews is 48 years old now, and she hopes that her new millionaire boyfriend will not find out she was jailed for killing her ex-boyfriend after she becomes a member of the millionaire dating site. Others say that she may not disclose her identity to the public. When she was approached by the Sun, she just mentioned that she has nothing to tell.

As she is a normal people now, she should have the right to date and marry a new boyfriend, a new millionaire man. Maybe this is also the reason why she was on millionaire dating sites. And some dating experts from the best millionaire dating sites also suggested the millionaires and millionaire admirers to be tolerate to her, and she has already for what she’s done in the last 14 years. We should give her more chances. If she is the right type of lover, it’s recommended to give it a try. The only problem is, will she be accepted by the majority and find a new boyfriend on the dating website?