Yes, the #blockchain as a life saver is mind boggling to me.
Ferananda Ibarra

Unfortunately I missed Jean-François.

I think the main challenge is that we are trying to build a little bubble of non-hierarchy inside a comprehensively hierarchical culture, backed by thousands of years of hierarchical history. Each of us is extremely well trained in the logic of domination, so organising on a different principle is a relentless struggle. We need new processes and structures sure, but we also need to change our reflexes, language, identity, etc.

For instance: say we’re in a group discussion. I formulate my ideas into words quickly and often feel confident putting those ideas out to the group for consideration. If I always go with that tendency, in many situations I find it easy to get my way. If instead though I challenge myself to listen for 2 seconds of silence before speaking, almost every time someone else will step forward with an idea that I wouldn’t have thought of.

In addition to the ‘group conduct’ challenge, the other one always big on my mind is money. How do you meet your own needs while serving the commons? When the ‘old’ economy has most of the resources, how do we get enough energy over into the ‘new’ for it to become self-sustaining?

I think we need a critical mass of people operating hyper-productively to inflate the commons faster than capital can dissolve it.

I believe that a strong team lashed together with solidarity, purpose, and mutual aid can be hyper-productive. I think Enspiral is starting to show that we can connect those teams together into a bigger network. My hope is that it is possible to connect networks together to amplify this impact from hundreds of people to tens of thousands.