Trump Presidency

Anyone following me on here knows that I, like many others, thought Hillary Clinton had this election in the bag. Common sense would suggest she would have no problem defeating a Reality Star….

Imagine that…. a well experienced politician getting beat in a presidential by someone who’s main qualification is a reality show. This is the reality of the situation in America.

Although she won the popular vote, for some reason we have this ingenious thing called the electoral college. Which means even if you win the popular vote you could still lose the overall election as seen last Tuesday.

So many people want to know what this means for America…. The simple answer is nobody knows. While Trump was pretty blatant with his agenda on appealing Obamacare and having Hillary Clinton investigated we don’t know much of his plans beyond the obvious.

For the market we saw a slight decline during the race and once it was confirmed that he won the market actually saw gains. Many analysts believe that under a Trump administration that we will see better infrastructure seeing as he is the real estate guru. But what else can we look forward to?

He mentioned building a wall… will we see it? Who will pay for it? Mexico explicitly stated they would not fund a wall. Foreign policy… Who will we look to as allies going forward. Seems like Donald has quite the relationship with Putin….

During the debates it became apparent for anyone with a watchful eye and listening to Trump speak that he had connections with the Clinton email leaks by WikiLeaks. Before the leaks even happened Trump mentioned that there would be a lot of surprising information that would come out and a couple weeks later you have hundreds of Clinton’s emails released.

The leak was connected back to Russia… so now the question becomes what type of relationship will Trump have with Putin going forward and what will that mean for the vital information he has access to. Will we see more hacks in America? Its all possible.

Gay rights, equality, police and community relations, gun laws, tax breaks and many more issues will come up once Trump is actually in office. The question is what will he do with the power he has?