Hey, service design job seekers, we need to talk.
Megan Erin Miller

Great article Megan! Sometimes the best place to start working as service designer is right where you are especially if you have momentum. Service design is going internal and organizations are building it for themselves because it is too big and it never ends or stays the same. As far as titles and roles…I have met and worked with great people that are just repackaging visual design or UX as service design to sell their clients something. Moreover, I have met many people that are doing service design internally, but they don’t realize that they are already apart of service design.

I went to school for Service Design(MFA) at SCAD, founded Service Experience Chicago, and I co-organize the SDN chapter here in Chicago…I have never had the official title of “Service Designer.” However, every job I have had, hired me because I am a service designer. Don’t get hung up on the title/role. Once people realize what service design can do no one will choose to be a UX or CX designer. Working as a service designer is a life-long pursuit.

Parting shot, (IMHO) start with the Live|Work books then go to TISD thinking, before getting too heavy into the Practical Service Design threads on Slack. Getting your barrings and figuring out what service design means for you first will help you grow faster. There is a lot of noise out there right now. As a professional service designer, you will need to be able to tell the difference. Good luck and I will see you in the market.

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