As you all have probably heard by now, the company I work for, Finger Food ATG has been acquired by Unity Technologies. This is absolutely huge.

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I’ve had the privilege to work at Finger Food for almost 3 years — 3 years in June to be precise. I’ve always shamelessly bragged that this is my longest tenure at a job, eclipsing my previous ‘longest’ tenure by 2 whole years. I hope this says something about this company, because it certainly does for me.

This Finger Food team has the smartest people I have ever worked with. I’ve had previous experiences where designers didn’t mesh well with developers and too much politics for an average person to stomach. Finger Food is different — we get stuff done, and done right. We will try new processes, new tools, and new methods to tackle problems that no one has ever tackled before, and that requires an open mind, and a white-belt mentality. …

Below are my views only and do not represent Finger Food Studios’ views.

My colleagues and I just returned from a business trip in Toronto. It wasn’t a typical business trip at all. In fact, we were all working a weekend gig — a retail job at MEC. We were invited into their new flagship store on Queen Street in Toronto to demo a new augmented reality application — one that would visualize 3D-scanned tents and augment them into a real physical environment utilizing ARKit on the iPad Pro. …

My first week at Finger Food Studios (FF) flew by ever so quickly. I was blown away by a very well-thought onboarding process (thanks Simon!), and I am super excited to tackle impactful problems for world-class clients.

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I joined the FF design team because it was time for a change. Designing for 2D platforms was getting stale and my personal satisfaction of it was minimal. I decided to take the leap of faith to join a truly innovative team with ambitious goals. The Microsoft Hololens is a completely new realm and skillset for me that I now have to design for and with. Some principles and processes of 2D design that were used on designing posters and app interfaces have either been significantly altered or thrown out the window. …

WOKE Studio was a short-lived experience for me, but I learned a lot in the four months I was there. The team is extremely talented and I have a newfound appreciation for industrial design. I’m extremely grateful that Afshin brought me on board without a moment of hesitation, and for Jason and Scott who brought me up to speed on how the studio functioned. The curated clients and projects were extremely fun and rewarding, and were always punctuated with flattering client remarks in the end.

But I’m looking to grow even more, at an even faster rate. I have decided to join Finger Food Studios in Coquitlam, and I’ll be taking a Senior Interaction Designer role at the company next month. Known for its ambitious projects by utilizing ground-breaking AR and VR tools, I’m ready to learn new applications, and develop impactful solutions to large-scale design problems. Time to put on the Hololens, fire up Blender, and create something that people can actually interact with in a physical space. …

Daily UX #6

It’s certainly been a while! Things are changing and I have exciting news to share soon. At the moment, I’m still at WOKE working alongside a talented design team. For now, let’s get back into Daily UX.

To those who aren’t familiar with what Daily UX is, I started this series in October of 2016, where I would write super-short articles about how little design flaws contribute to my personal frustration, and could be avoided if thoroughly thought-out (mostly the former).

I was at a local Korean supermarket with my girlfriend a few weeks ago, and it took a little bit of brain power to read some signage. …

Hong Kong was spectacular. Guangzhou was memorable. Disneyland was magical. December 2016 was simply unforgettable.

I haven’t written a Medium post in over two months! Other than my amazing trip, the other reason for the hiatus was that I have officially joined WOKE Studio as a Product Designer. Based right off Granville Island, I have fallen in love with the sights, sounds, and food that the surrounding neighbourhood has to offer.

It’s only been one month since joining WOKE, but I’m glad to say that I have already worked on many projects and challenging problems for many fascinating startups, and taken over the company Instagram account.

Some boards we designed for the Red Dot Design Awards submissions.

As I keep working away at design problems daily, I’m sure I can add more to my series.

Stay tuned.

Daily UX #5

The design languages for both Google Material Design and Apple Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) are absolutely gorgeous. We interact with them daily and because both design languages are so meticulously thought-out and crafted, we rarely notice them, because good design is always invisible.

I had the wonderful privilege to be invited into the Two Tall Totems office in Downtown Vancouver yesterday, and was immediately challenged with many design questions - one of which stood out to me.

On the left, I was presented with an iOS screenshot (the below is just an example, they didn’t actually show me this exact…

Daily UX #4

If you didn’t already know, Samsung has been recalling their top-load washers in the past few months. Okay, maybe 97% of you guys didn’t know that because you either don’t wash your clothes or wear jeans for 365 days a year.

Long story short, my dad recently went through a Samsung product recall process, and it was frustrating for him to say the least.

After registering the product online and sending personal info to Samsung, they replied shortly with a personalized email that contained a link to a page. …

(Kind of) Daily UX #3

A few of my designer friends and I recently attended a Vancouver UX Awards demo day, where select companies and startups took 3 minutes each to pitch their designs and processes.

One design really caught my eye. It was simple, the pitch was engaging, and it just made sense. Denim & Steel Interactive, a local digital agency, designed an app experience for merchants of Megaphone Magazine.

What is Megaphone Magazine?

Megaphone Magazine, the Vancouver and Victoria street newspaper, provides economic opportunities to homeless and low-income people.

You may see these merchants on the corners of major streets in Downtown Vancouver, selling magazines and calendars to make a hard-earned living. From the presentation, Todd, one of the designers, detailed the specific problems that these merchants had — customers seldom carry cash, and they needed an app that could allow them to have credit and debit transactions, and make sure money, whether it be $0.20 …

Daily UX #2

Much like 95% of all Designers nowadays, I spend 50% of each day on Dribbble, keeping up with the trends and stealing what I can from fellow talent. I was recently on the mobile version of Dribbble on my HTC M8, and I wanted to check out Jobs in the footer…

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Man, I sure wanted to check out that door2door job. Everytime I reached out my thumb to tap that glorious, bold, blue link, it would take me to another point in the page…and I would try again, and again, and again.

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“What the hell?”, I would think.

I then realize that it’s the infamous infinite scrolling. And yes, this isn’t quite exactly the time to use it. There are numerous instances of infinite scrolling executed flawlessly, but who the hell thought it would be a good idea to put so many interesting and informative links in the footer, and make it a frustrating task for the user to physically interact with them? Take a look at Facebook and Twitter, the masters of lazy-loading (a form of infinite scrolling). They have no footers or valuable information down below. …


Richel Tong

Lead, Design at Unity Technologies, from Vancouver, Canada.

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