I’m Going to Write about Daily UX

As I glance at my keyboard, I realize that I don’t know what to write. I haven’t written a genuine blog post in years. That previous sentence alone took about 2 minutes to formulate, so please forgive me if this intro is dragging on a tad too long.

I’m a user experience designer, and a lot of friends and family ask me what I do for a living. I tell them that I design things, in attempt to get them off my back.

“What kind of design?” some curious ponderers might ask.

“I design how a person should interact with digital interfaces, and we’re essentially a tour guide for their mind and thumbs.”

<insert blank stare>

And that was the simple version.

I then usually follow up with a disclaimer, “…like apps and websites.”

“Oooh…” as they smile and nod.

I’m sure that every fellow designer has had a similar dialogue when trying to explain their field of design expertise to others. I’m not going to single-handedly educate the world with what we do as user experience designers, but I’ll certainly try my best. I’m not going to write long-winded posts, making you read into the history and philosophy behind it, because I myself will never survive writing anything above 500 words. I’ll give random tidbits of my daily endeavours and I’m going to dissect and explain why little things in life contribute to something us designers call ‘user experience’.

We design many things in our lives. We design schedules and how people and events fit into time slots; we decide where to put the coffee cup on our desks to create a better working environment. Why is the doctor’s appointment at 9:30am? Why is the coffee cup on the left side of the keyboard? We have reasons for all those little decisions in life.

If this short, mediocre post has intrigued you enough to follow my future micro-posts, follow me and I’ll make sure that the passion never dies and that my writing skills (hopefully) improve.

A pat on the shoulder never hurt anyone, right?

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