Take A Chance To Explore your Culinary Skills

Baking always reminds one of comfort food. Be it for lightening up a gloomy day, or adding color to a festive occasion, nothing can beat a soft moist piece of your favorite cake. No wonder baking has become the most sought-after leisure activity in recent years. After all, it is the most fun filled way of preparing food, which also gives you the opportunity to unleash your creative streak. And the thought of the delightful end result alone suffices to take your big step into the kitchen.

The biggest advantage of baking is that anyone can do it. With the right amount of passion and guidance from a baker, which nowadays is only a click of the mouse away, anyone can whip up a decadent chocolate cake. But in order to become exemplary in the field, one should know, not only to make a good product but understand the science behind the method. Let’s not forget that the perfect fluffiest bread needs precision all through. This is where a baking school comes into play, and we are here to offer you the best choice — RichemontMasterbaker : Professional Pastry & Baking school.

It is hard to find a field where art and technique blend together as beautifully as they do in pastry and baking school. Imagine being able to work every day in pursuit of your perfect love of baking! Whether you are an amateur trying to bake a multi-layered cake, or a pastry lover looking to perfect your skills, RichemontMasterbaker : Professional Pastry & Baking School, will help you master the science and craft of baking. They not only provide you with theoretical essentials of baking, but also practical baking techniques. Through their state of the art kitchen and study sessions, they make sure that the skills you have learnt from the classroom, are put into practice in your field. Be a part of the amazing experience of learning from chefs, who aren’t just your teachers but mentors who can also guide you in this industry. Make your dream of crafting original delicacies come true, so that individuals can enjoy them, and you can watch the excitement on their faces when they bite into it!

RichemontMasterbaker is the only Baking and Pastry Art Institute in the Middle East, located in the heart of Dubai which provides premium education specialized in professional pastry and bakery training. The students are equipped with the art of baking and pastry making through a variety of courses, ranging from Diploma in Patisserie and Bakery to Advanced Bakery Course Certification.

We are providing a mini guide here to the amazing courses we have to offer.

European Bread Baking Program

The secrets to baking the best European bread can be learned here. This special bread demands a perfect balance of skills, precise ingredients, knowledge of kneading and fermenting along with perfect timing. Join RichemontMasterbaker Professional Bakery & Pastry School and through their comprehensive European bread baking Program & transform yourself into an exemplary Artisan baker!

Advanced Pastry Courses

If you have the willingness to taste and eat your way through the pastry landscape, you can get ready to discover the world of Pastry by enrolling yourself to the Advanced Pastry Courses provided by RichemontMasterbaker Professional Bakery & Pastry School. Put your creativity and organization skills together and master the art of Pastry Making.

Professional Chocolate Courses

Professional Ice-Cream Courses

Ice-creams are the easiest to make if you have all the right ingredients and tools. But do you know the difference between an Ice-cream, sorbet and parfait? Here is a chance to delve into the world of this mouth-watering dessert and learn to make them in different and unique flavors. RichemontMasterbaker provides you the finest Professional Ice-cream Courses.

Fulfill your dream, and become an impeccable Baker. Enjoy your days working with the amazing team at RichemontMasterbaker, Professional Bakery and Pastry School in Dubai. Embrace the art of Baking without giving a second thought!

Richemont Masterbaker

Richemont centre for Excellence for the bakery-confectionery-chocolate education was established in 1945 in Lucerne, Switzerland, focusing their work in GCC since 1992.

RichemontMasterbaker Professional Bakery and Pastry School, located in Jumeirah Lake Towers in Dubai, is the only institute in the GCC which provides intensive modern day Bakery and Pastry training. For further details visit richemont-masterbaker Official website.