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This past month, I spoke at CPOSC 2018 on “The Real Reasons to be Afraid of AI”. I covered the big topics like Universal Basic Income, Deep Fakes, data monopolies, and supply chain weakness. Talks though need to be fun, and I was able to hit two Game of Thrones references (Theon & Night King), shout out to the Browncoats of the tech world, and of course, how Kim Kardashian may have prevented a specific AI apocalyptic event, too. Heck, I even covered DARPA and Nicolas Cage for good measure.

If you just want…

One of the great opportunities in bringing an entirely new program to a community is the first year you have a lot of flexibility to shift gears when you feel things aren’t working at 100% efficiency. In our fifth week, we decided to shift into a different one to move faster on the upcoming terrain.

For our intro level, our white and yellow belts, the Google Machine Learning Crash Course was good at the beginning discussing basic concepts, however, Tensorflow’s setup for a Linear Regressor was simply too much. Over 180 lines of code and the people just beginning on…

Week 4 of the Fall 2018 Lancaster AI and AI Saturdays program happened on an absolutely beautiful day, 72 degrees Fahrenheit (22 Celcius), not a cloud in the sky, and somehow we still had a packed group of folks taking part in Machine Learning!

For our introductory level class, we focused on the first 5 parts of the Google Crash Course for Machine Learning, which took us from defining input features and labels to implementing a Linear Regressor directly using the Tensorflow Estimator API!

We found even at the higher abstraction levels of the Estimator, going from Python studies on…

The Red and Black Belts covering the first week of the course

Week 3 of AI Saturdays took place this past weekend in Lancaster, PA and always new and interesting things taking place.

The White and Yellow belts improved on their Python skills covering matplotlib, dictionaries, boolean logic, loops, and the basics of working in jupyter notebook.

The Red and Black belts covered their homework of coding a perceptron from scratch using numpy, with some great results from the team. They then moved on to their first week of coding the course, covering the setup of their environments and the initial steps of CNNs with the Cats and Dogs example. …

The Windows group of the White and Yellow Belts plaing with Python

Just when you think you have your town figured out, even more people came out for Week 2 of Lancaster AI and AI Saturdays this weekend and surprised us all! Both beginner and advanced classes got some new blood and even had to battle a sorority. Yes, there is a story here, hold on.

First, let’s talk about AI and data. For our white and yellow belts, the beginner and junior devs, we decided to switch some things up and focused in the morning on installing python locally along with Numpy and virtual environments, and then downloading a git project…

The first AI Saturdays group in Lancaster, PA, USA

This past weekend, Lancaster AI, a local meetup group focused on artificial intelligence in the heart of Amish Country, in partnership with AI Saturdays, an international AI educational team based in Singapore, opened with its first week of truly free and open AI training for the public. It was quite an experience, with some fascinating results, and deep reflections on moving forward with the industry!

First, let’s talk interest.

Thanks to an article in the local paper, what originally was to be a handful of people turned into over 60 pre-registrants for the 10-week free course. By the end of…

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