Ms. Vohra is a housewife who turned to Richfeel hair treatment for issues like exensive hairfall and hair thinning. She says that the doctors at Richfeel made her feel at home and ensured that she was comfortable throughout the treatment. Anagrow not only helped her fight hair loss but also made her hair soft. She calls the treatment a “miracle”. Today, she receives numerous compliments from her friends and relatives and she thanks Richfeel for that.

Her review of Richfeel Hair Treatment might just change your mind too!

Ms Nidhi Khanna was facing hairfall to an extent where she thought she would go bald.

She thus, opted for Richfeel hair treatment
and observed good results within 3 months.

Not only did the hairfall reduce by a considerable amount,
her hair also became soft.

While she did not even want to touch her hair some time back,
she says that she is now in love with her hair all over again.

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Mrs. Nalini Sompura, who is a retired officer, says that she turned to Richfeel hair treatment after being subjected to extensive hair loss.

The treatment has not only helped her regain the lost hair, but also her lost confidence.

Now she feels good about herself and confidently becomes a part social gatherings.

Mrs Nalini has also referred a lot of her friends to Richfeel. Listen to what they have to say about Richfeel’s Hair Transplant

Namrata D Madav is pursuing study in aviation.

She had grey hair even at the young age of 10. She was thus looking for a solution to hair related problems.

That is when she turned to Richfeel where she was told of weak hair.

She undertook treatment and saw visible results within a couple of months.

She says that the doctors are so friendly that they instill a new found confidence in you.

She is very happy with the services and recommends Richfeel to everyone in need.

Mradul Saxena, a sales professional in a media company, started losing hair due to his professional commitments.

He took to Anagrow on the recommendation of reviews of Richfeel’s hair treatment.

He then opted for Richfeel Hair Transplant to cover his bald patches.

The surgery took about 10 hours but the results were much more than what he had expected.

Even after the surgery, Richfeel conducted sessions to help him keep his hair healthy and strong.

He says that Richfeel provides the best service and thus anyone in need must definitely try it.

Ms. Sheetal Hamania, a technical designer by profession, faced hair thinning which is why she decided to approach Richfeel.

She opted for Richfeel’s Anagrow Hair treatment and has been extremely happy with the services of Richfeel.

She is reminded of impending sessions on a regular basis and is also given diet suggestions to help her keep her hair strong and healthy.

She has already recommended the treatment to her sister.

Ms. Sakshi Singh, a teacher, was too low on confidence due to hair thinning.

She did not like to be a part of social gatherings.

She decided to opt for Richfeel Hair Treatment as a result of which she regained her lost hair.

Her hair is now thick and she experiments with various hairstyles.

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Ms. Sonia Dhawan, a housewife started losing hair a while ago.

She then got to know about Richfeel through newspaper advertisement and approached right away.

She was told that the major cause of hair fall and hair thinning was dandruff.

She says that the conditions were hygienic and the staff was friendly.

Thus, she decided to go ahead with the treatment.

She has been associated with Richfeel for 1.5 years now and is extremely happy with the results.

Listen to his family reviewing Richfeel’s Hair Treatment

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Mr. Ashvish Shrivastavkar started losing hair and also witnessed hair thinning.

He decided to opt for Anagrow and found it to be extremely fruitful.

The bald patches regained hair and his head now appears fuller.

He recommends his friends and family members to try Richfeel. They speak highly of the service in their Reviews of Richfeel’s hair treatment

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Monica Arora, a teacher by profession, witnessed extreme hairfall due to which an area of her head was turning bald.

She was suggested a treatment that nurtured her hair follicles which in turn stimulated hair growth.

The diet supplements suggested by the staff at Richfeel also went a long way in helping her regain the lost hair.

Her hair looks fuller now and she calls it a miracle.

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