Just Pick ONE Thing

My “to-do list” is from Tallahassee to Miami (469 miles to be specific) long.

All the stuff on my list is important… I said it was when I put it on the list, right?

So much to do… so little time… where do I even start? I have papers everywhere and deadlines to hit. The boss (the internal me) is getting frustrated and I’m getting ready to pull my hair out.

I get to work and I freeze. I don’t even know where to start. So I sit here and I do nothing because somehow I’ve rationalized that doing nothing is somehow better than doing something.

Has that ever happened to you? It used to be a daily occurrence for me until I focused on my ONE Thing.

I can tell you exactly what day it all changed for me… It was February 15, 2013. I was sitting in the Tampa International Airport getting ready to board to plane to Dallas, Texas for a real estate convention. The book I was reading… The ONE Thing by Gary Keller.

The book talks about being on purpose and about gaining clarity on your goals, your “to-do list” and how you operate you business and your life.

In your personal life, what is your ONE Thing?
In your business life, what is your ONE Thing?
Such that by doing it, everything else will become easier or unnecessary?

The bottom line of the book is that success is built sequentially… It’s ONE thing at a time.

What does that look like in your life?

For me it was simple. I needed to master my life and that began with my calendar. I needed to become a master of my calendar so much so that it literally had everything I needed to do for the day, it had my available appointment times pre-booked so I didn’t have to find time to meet with somebody, my lunches were built into my calendar and that meant that if somebody wanted to meet with me at 12:30 they had to have lunch with me because that’s when I was having lunch.

I had to get so purposeful that if it wasn’t on my calendar it didn’t exist. I had to stop flying by the seat of my pants and decide that if I wanted to make the money I wanted to make I had to make a change. I needed to become the CEO of myself. My internal boss needed to get on purpose and on point with my goals.

Here are some things you can do to master your personal self and control your internal boss:

  1. Create a plan.
  2. Time block your schedule so you stick to this plan. Be detailed. Super detailed. Put everything in there starting with when you wake up in the morning.
  3. Share your goals with others so you are held accountable.
  4. Set mini milestones so you know you are heading in the right direction and staying on task.
  5. If you erase something from your calendar, replace it with something else.

What else can you do to master your personal self and control your internal boss? E-mail me: Rich@kwonthewater.com. I’d love to hear from you.

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