Another Fraud: Philip Schneider

Richard Geldreich, Jr.
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Norio Hayakawa has already done a deep dive on this guy’s personal life, and it sure looks like he was a fraud. (Thanks to @UfoSunday for the link.) However, many won’t believe it, so let’s go further and show he really was a fraud.

Around 2018 Joe from Carolina (BeyondTheory on YouTube) and his research team issued a FOIA request about Phil Schneider to the FBI. On March 22, 1975 an acquaintance of Phil Schneider turned him into the FBI in Oregon. Phil claimed to have been attempting to build a nuclear device, and had radioactive materials:

“Philip Schneider- Declassified Secrets Revealed”

The first page of the FOIA released document, from the video:

Screenshot from “Philip Schneider- Declassified Secrets Revealed”

The FBI document states that Phil was at the Dammasch State Hospital (Wilsonville Oregon), between 1968–1969, being treated for schizophrenia.

Under stress, he would mutilate himself, and he also amputated his two fingers and a thumb:

Screenshot from “Philip Schneider- Declassified Secrets Revealed”

Phil removed 300 pounds (!) of this radioactive material and kept it under his bed. The FBI detected radioactivity outside where in lived, in the parking lot. This guy was definitely not playing with a full deck.

Screenshot from “Philip Schneider- Declassified Secrets Revealed”

Phil would show various “super heavy” materials to people that attended his lectures in the 90's. If you received any of these materials from him, you should definitely be aware that they could have been dangerously radioactive.

Here’s Episode 2. This information was also published in the “Shadows of Your Mind” magazine, issue #5:

“Shadows of Your Mind” Issue 5 Pages 66–67
“Shadows of Your Mind” Issue 5 Page 68

I looked into Phil’s family tree, and there’s no way Phil was telling the truth about his father here:

“Basically, as far as technology is concerned, for every calendar year that transpires, military technology increases about 44.5 years. This is why it is easy to understand that back in 1943 they were able to create, through the use of vacuum tube technology, a ship that could literally disappear from one place and appear in another place. My father, Otto Oscar Schneider, fought on both sides of the war. He was originally a U-boat captain, and was captured and repatriated in the United States. He was involved with different kinds of concerns, such as the A-bomb, the H-bomb and the Philadelphia Experiment. He invented a high-speed camera that took pictures of the first atomic tests at Bikini Island on July 12, 1946. I have original photographs of that test, and the photos also show UFOs fleeing the bomb site at a high rate of speed.”

Here’s Phil’s basic vitals (the tree is public— just search for it if you have an account, or go here):

Now here’s his father, Captain Otto Oscar W. Schneider:

His father Oscar Schneider was a Captain in the US Navy during WW2:

Public records show that Phil’s grandfather moved to the US (probably from Germany) around 1907, obviously long before WW2. Public marriage records show that Phil’s father was married to his mother “Sarah Dee (Sally) Watson” at NYC in 1939. A bunch of Phil’s uncles were born in Portland, beginning in 1907, and his sister Polly was born in Washington DC during WW2 in 1942.

If Phil would shamelessly lie about his own father in this way, spinning a yarn about him being a Nazi U-Boat captain, what else would he lie about?

Here’s Phil’s immediate family tree:

Phil Schneider’s public family tree

Importantly, notice that the FBI document mentions an uncle, “Leo Schneider, M.D.” a physician and surgeon in Portland. An uncle with this name did exist according to public records (see the family tree above):

Here he claimed that 2 years after the 1979 Dulce Incident, he went to work for several companies:

“After about two years recuperating after the 1979 incident, I went back to work for Morrison and Knudson, EG&G and other companies”

This is a lie, because his Social Security Disability payments began on August 1981, or about 2 years later:

He was disabled because he self-mutilated himself, was mentally ill, and slept on top of hundreds of pounds of radioactive materials beneath his bed — and who knows what else he did.

Phil claimed to be a “US government geologist and engineer”:

Old Phil Schneider Lecture Video

Would a trained geologist or engineer sleep on top of radioactive materials in his apartment? Of course not.

There’s no way he would have qualified for a security clearance to work for EG&G or be involved in some super secret tunneling project, because he was clearly psychologically unfit. Any background check (for secret, top secret, etc. access) would surely have found these FBI records.

It’s obvious that his information was a combination of a wild yarn and things he learned from various books, articles, UFO documentaries, his Portland friend Ron Rummel (who was also deeply into ufology), etc.



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