I don’t believe that the Media Elite, Donald Trump or the Alt Right are to blame for the state of our politics. They peddle influence and ideas, but they don’t change the actual makeup of our country. Elected officials are still a fairly accurate representation of voters’ wishes.
How We Broke Democracy (But Not in the Way You Think)
Tobias Rose-Stockwell

But ideas change the makeup of a country. The ideas that appear in the media (new and old) shape how people identify themselves and how they relate to ‘others’.

More importantly it shapes who people perceive to be a threat or an enemy.

To blame technology for political atomization is pretty inane. It’s fair to say that technology has changed ‘the kind of people we are’ but that’s been true throughout history. It plays part of the story but without properly recognizing the politics that’s at play here (ie. Fascism) you end up making false equivalences between the white supremacist complaining about ‘SJWs’ and the Black Lives Matter activist.

Some people choose solidarity and empathy as a way to build alliances and challenge dangerous ideas. Others choose racism and misogyny, others are simply willing to remain blind to it. Technology enables both.

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