Data scientists mostly just do arithmetic and that’s a good thing
Noah Lorang

I think it’s easy to be seduced by ‘data’ — especially at management level — without actually realizing that what you’re doing is ultimately about problem solving and fact-finding.

It seems to me that when you introduce ‘tech’ into the fold people very quickly lose sight of what they’re actually doing, as though data itself solves problems, and as if data scientists themselves simply perform magic tricks that give you answers without too much hard work.

In reality it’s just a different approach to age old notion of problem solving. In itself, that’s a creative thing, not a purely scientific one — it’s something I’ve written about here:

I’m not a data scientist, so I’m glad there are people who are able to do the arithmetic! However great data scientists also bring an extra dimension of creativity and intelligence that informs the core part of their job (but then that’s true of anyone who’s great at their job…).