Thesis of a dying mind

(John mayer- waiting on the world to change)

We run this town. They run their mouths when we sink into the dirt to make their scrawny, beaten up boats built on propaganda rise above. The truth never hurts anyone. That is if you are entirely truthful in which case all of 'M-PIGS' (ministers) have failed. But I'm guessing binary is not the 1s & 0s in real life AI.

AI-Artificial intelligence seems to be working. I mean, men have lost their individuality in a diabolical brainwash of constructed programs without cumulative progress to the masses rather have the interests of single minded hyenas.

We have lived 8479.25 days, 23 hours and three seconds ago. One amongst a list of lessons we learned conceptualize life to be but a loop filled with infinite expectations from the people around us which provides us with the perfect equation of exactly how long you lived being your true self if not how long you still have to live. Let's do the math. Subtract the dividence of your life against the number of people who expected something from you (probably couldn't sum them all up). This will be an actual measure of the number of years, months, days or even hours that you have selflessly given yourself to please a number of different people who in true sense could care less if you could do what they wanted or not & as a result stopped being authentic damaging the engine that projects your true self. The utter paradox in this equation though is at the very beginning - life. How do you know if you are truly living if you never experienced life or death before. Ironically we worship human beings that have lived a life we idolize and by so given the term of having 'lived the life' with more people than not pitching their idea of a perfect life in those pillars, so again I ask, what is life?

"e=mc2 " that's what Einstein believed life was. The life of a physicists is a dedication to math and equations and to them, calculating their entire lives is more than heaven. The height of this expressed by calculating existence. Mass multiplied by a constant Sq to give you the result of self sustaining renewable energy that was the key in life. But his math provides a bio mechanical data to quantify the roots of existence - not life. When most of us billboard these doctrines to be able to feel a social satisfaction of better crown and higher opinions about ourselves we foolishly miss the point that most of us geniuses, artist, revolutionary law makers, scientist and politicians try to make. There is no conviction in these words rather they are smeared with pain. Masters, teachers and scholars have one thing in common, an acknowledgement of life and a desire to justify death. Do you know any true master in this age? Let me give you my ideal master in my own opinion - Michio kaku-professor in theoretic physics and father of the string theory. Back to normal, Polls show that 80% of the men capsuled in this generation are already lost to drug and substance abuse. Politicians and socialists have played a ping pong game each of them too afraid to own up to their ignorance. To be quite frank with the rate of women empowerment and negligence of the boy child will sink this country to a gender imbalance that could soon translate into a catastrophe. Funny part is, this is all basic common knowledge yet nothing seems to be done. All these considered I'm afraid that I may have digraced from the main concern by which I must strictly address.

My second paradox is this - should it be that you managed to fulfill all the expectations of all these living beings in your life and you probably realized that half of your life is gone, then consider that people's opinions and expectations perpetually fluctuate. In truth no one ever sticks to one idea through out. Opinions change with experience. And they change faster than not and to others such changes are to them normal as is for the INFP type that dream more than they actually live. Therefore we have determined that you have probably thrown most of your life in an endless pit.
The most interesting part is that most of us rarely realize it - not until it is too late - and with the prominence of main stream media more minds than ever especially in this current generation have been goofed to believe in living fast and dying young. Like a pack of wolves I have seen a disturbing number of people who mattered in my life that were at the equivalent of my age die in shoes that were not built for them. The very same shoes you've been walking in all your life. We lack the voice to tell us that there is nothing wrong in being ourselves and that is exactly how it was meant to be. Selfish to be selfless. Chained by yourself to truly taste liberty. The freedom to be yourself. To listen but to choose no labels.

Status quo provides that if it's different its abnormal. If it's abnormal its insane. If it's insane it's a social liability therefore a social outcast. Should this be the case then I choose to be different. I choose insanity. I choose to be different.



The world is formless and desolate. Perspectives create it.

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The world is formless and desolate. Perspectives create it.