I have a time machine…

Richi Mohanty
Apr 19, 2017 · 3 min read

Saturday morning, 10:30 a.m.

I walked down the library aisles, scavenging for food for thought. From the corner of my eyes, the word “Foundation” on a lower shelf caught my attention. I couldn’t believe it. It was the same edition, the same cover in shades of orange and red. The author who had catapulted me into science fiction.

Isaac Asimov.

As I opened the book, I crumbled to the floor and was soon lost.

We, humans, are essentially emotional beings. We rely on our emotions to guide us through the various experiences we go through. We are hoarders of memories and love to keep piling on the stock every now and then. More often than not, we run back to this rather large, unending castle of recollection and feel ‘nostalgic’.

If you close your eyes now and walk back to the one such event, what would be the walls around you filled up with? (Apologies for the building related metaphor. Architecture has ruined me with it’s magnetic charisma.) What I mean is, most of our memories often come with their own specific associations. Imagine you’ve had a fantastic time with your friends in a cafe, your memory of it will be infused with either the great food or the applaud worthy music. And years later, you whip your head around to catch that familiar tune… and reminisce.

As we grow older, we visit the memory castle more and more, looking deeper into the rooms and sometimes hide in the corner for a while. We perceive details we had never seen before. Often in a pensive mode, we analyse, reason, try to understand. But mostly, we relish the happy times and smile away. (And if caught doing it in public, look like a fool!)

Sometimes, when you play a certain song, someone in the room sighs and you know that the song took him/ her back to one of the rooms in their castle. Each of us have triggers, some more effective than the others. Most of my friends associate songs to events and time periods in their lives. Some remember the food they ate that day (real foodies do it all the time) I… Well, I … associate with words and titles. The words in the “Foundation” book, took me back in time.

TARDIS Exploding

A noise far away, I look up to find my school library lit up around me, students whispering hidden from the librarian’s glare, me soaked in excitement over discovering a new book and the class bell rings… I get up to walk to my Chemistry class in grade 8…

P.S.: This is my personal favourite time machine… what is yours?

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