Franchise Meal please.

The franchise model has allowed international brands to easily branch out their tree into other markets due to its benefits from low risk, low effort and easy yield.

So you’ll end up seeing mini-versions of the big brain with a ‘localised’ effort put in with a change in language and hallelujah! it works!

Not really, no.

It’s like having a mother give a rattle to a child, to keep it distracted, and use that time to create a mouth-watering recipe that will push her to No.1 cook in the family!

The innovative efforts put in by the brand’s headquarters for partnerships, collaborations, breakthroughs, research, customer conversations and experiences is a result of its awareness in realising that the leadership role has progressed to having a certain sense of responsibility in exhibiting the brand expression. While maintaining the realities of its business goals, the focus has shifted to crafting experiences that allow the relationship between the customer and the brand to grow.

This is significantly unbalanced by how the local market’s leadership role would lead the brand in the market. It’s all about the biggest store and the biggest sales and the best launch and all the other superlatives one can think of.

But what is not being realised is that it has and always will be about having a story to tell.

Being situationally aware through the eyes of the local customers will allow the franchised brand to adapt and craft stories and experiences that will be more disruptive and essentially increase the brand’s sustainability.

This results in increased ROI and a more fruitful relationship that will only synchronise what HQ is already doing but on a more ‘glocal’ level.

Take a small step a little differently.

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