Sprints 3 and 4: 12.10.2020–06.11.2020

Project site.
Project background blog post.
Show and tell slides and vid coming soon.

We’ve appointed a delivery partner and are getting them up to speed

These notes are a bit late so I’ll just bring you up to speed on the last two sprints. We had a slow sprint with half-term and many of the team on leave, but we have continued to progress some of the ground work ready to have our delivery partner on board.

We finalised the evaluation process and after a very competitive group of submissions, we are finalising the contract with our partner. …

Sprint 2: 28.09.2020–09.10.2020

Project site.
Project background blog post.
Show and tell 2 — slides.
Show and tell 2 video at the end of the article.

We’ve been working through the procurement for a delivery partner

As we head towards the last stage of evaluation, it feels like we’re now making progress. We hope to appoint a delivery partner by the end of Sprint 3 (24 October 2020). They should then be able to get to grips with the project and we can get more movement with the digital notice side of the project. Nearly there!

We didn’t manage to look at a range of Statements of Community Involvement (SCIs) in detail…

We identified key legal requirements for site notices in the previous sprint, but we didn’t finish a…

Sprint 1: 14.09.2020–25.09.2020

Project background here.
Show and tell 1 slides here.
Show and tell 1 video at the end of the article.

We started to look at the impact of different engagement tools and platforms

We reviewed the engagement tools we’d drawn together on the last sprint and mapped them for impact and levels of participation. We included some non-digital methods, including planning notices.

I didn’t expect to find too many with high levels of impact and influence, but I was pleasantly surprised. Lots of sticky notes down on the left of the board (at the lower end of the scale), but some creeping up the scale to where the higher impact is. …

Sprint 0: 31.08.2020–11.09.2020

Kick-off and quick review of discovery work done before COVID-19

These notes are a bit late I’m afraid, but better late than never (I hope). We’ve been kicking-off the project, getting our team in place, and establishing our ways of working.

We’ve been reviewing the work that Camden did before the pandemic, looking at barriers and challenges to the community being involved in the planning process. This helped identify key points in the process where we engage (and could potentially engage) with the local community.

In terms of planning engagement, we will need to look at:
- Who are the users?
- What do they need to engage?
- How do we meet…

Project background

Improving engagement in planning during a pandemic

The collaborative project is funded by the Local Digital Fund as part of the COVID-19 Challenge. The London Borough of Camden are leading on the project and working with Middlesbrough Council to address the impact of the pandemic on public engagement in planning and place-making.

The project hopes to deliver two key outputs:
- a digital place-based engagement playbook
- a “digital” planning notice

Adapting to lock-downs, and interruption of face-to-face engagement

As the pandemic took grip, we had to quickly respond to the lock-down and maintain services as far as possible, including engagement in the planning process. This led to us trying our best to convert existing…

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Planning and #PlanTech, working in local government.

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