I Replaced The Word ‘Millennials’ With ‘43-Year-Old White Men’ And Now These Headlines Are *Italian…
Amanda Rosenberg

As a 40 something white male on vacation in Italy — it makes me chuckle — we were the baby boomers’ offspring — we were labelled Gen-X — oh and race was not really an defining demographic in the 90’s when our social tribes were gathering.

We were apathetic slackers who changed the world and let it fall — so I guess any tags or headlines will read strange. Most of us didn’t read Forbes or Fortune — more like Rolling Stone, Wired and Loaded.

so If I reverse the tags…

“Millennials are self-involved and perhaps aimless…but fun”


“ Millennials, once pitied but now envied group of self-employed workers”

New York Times

“Millennials are stuck in a terminal cynicism, ”

The Dallas Morning News

“Grow Up, Millennial Crybabies.”

The Washington Post

The difference I see here is that we got a hard time from forbears and hopefully at least this time we may be remembered as embracing the next generation.

Millie Bobby Brown and Winona Ryder from Netflix’s Stranger Things at the 2016 TCA summer tour (Photo by Maarten de Boer/Getty Images)
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