Second in a series of mini reviews for party manifestos for the upcoming Irish General Election. This is a review synopsised take on Sinn Fein’s Manifesto.

Sinn Fein:
Sinn Fein’s manifesto includes stated goals such as:
• Movement towards Universal Healthcare
• Building of Social and Affordable Homes
• Creation of 250,000 jobs
• Abolition of water charges and property tax
• Plan for Irish re-unification.

The manifesto comes to a total of 58 pages and there are a number of stated aims with the most stand out proposals being the abolition of water charges and the property tax and the creation of a universal healthcare system.

The main points of their plan are as follows:
• United Ireland — SF will campaign for an island wide referendum on Irish unity. They will also introduce a Green Paper on Irish Unity.
• Equality and Human Rights — They will end direct provision for refugees and asylum seekers. Increase funding for domestic violence.
• Formally recognise the state of Palestine. They will also hold a referendum on inserting neutrality into our constitution.
• Ending Corruption — A rang of initiatives in this area.
• Political Reform or Accountability in Politics — They will look to introduce a partial list system where on third of the Daíl will be elected through this method (From party lists). Reform of the Seanad so that it becomes representative and an accountable institution.
• Creation of 250,000 jobs — This will be done through the job creation in the public and private sectors. Abolition of upward only rents.
• On Taxation — Abolition of water charges and property tax. Removing 277,000 people from the USC tax net completely. Easing of the tax burden on the self-employed also included. Provision for increasing tax on wealth
• Increase of minimum wage to €9.65 per hour.
• Reduction in salaries to TD’s and Senators to €75,000 and €60,000 respectively.
• Universal Healthcare — Increased spending in healthcare by €3.3 billion. Movement to a single tier system. Rollout of free GP care. Recruitment of additional 6,600 front line health workers. Increase of €35 million in year one for Mental Health services.
• On Housing — Plan to build 70,000 social housing units and 30,000 affordable units by 2030
• On Justice — Recruitment of 3000 additional Gardaí over lifetime of office. Reversing closure of Garda stations.
• On Education — Reducing class sizes. Will end laws that allow religious discrimination in schools.
• Extension of maternity benefit in year one by six weeks with intention to have maternity benefit for 52 weeks by end of their term in office
• Cap childcare costs at €180 per week in year on and €150 per week over the term of Government

Other stated goals includes initiatives on the environment including flood defences, tackling barriers for people with disabilities, a new deal for rural Ireland and plans for the fishing and farming industries